Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park

When you're in Särna a hike through Fulufjället National Park is highly recommended. In this park you'll find the world's oldest tree and Sweden's highest waterfall.

The Njupeskär vattanval is 93 meters high and freezes in Winter. Old Tjikko is a 9,558-year-old Norway Spruce.The national park is a 30 minute drive from Särna. While hiking always keep an eye out for any moose or deer, you may be able to spot one.

The national park was dedicated in 2002. It measures 38,500 hectares (385 square kilometres), two-thirds of which is bare mountain heights and heath.

Hikes sarna


The national park is the closest to Särna, however there are other trails you can follow. For example the Linnaeus trail which starts at the Sjöstugan, cross the bridge over the river Grövlan and follow the trail to Sylen/Svukuriset during the hike you pass reindeer fence and the border between Sweden and Norway. Another amazing hike is towards Städjan, the most famous mountain peak in Dalarna (1131 meters above sea level). 

Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll is the biggest ski mountain in the area and the list of activities in Idre Fjäll is endless; dog sledding, horseback riding, snowmobile tours and of course skiing and snowboarding. Or you can go to a large sports center with indoor pools, bowling and a sports hall. These activities are family friendly and are fun for both children and parents. After an active day you can eat in one of the restaurants or enjoy a massage.



In Fjätervålen you can find 18 long, wide pistes with about 400 000 square meters glide surface and nearly 2 mil groomed cross-country trails. It’s definitely worth a visit. When you're visiting Fjätervålen we recommend you to visit the Heating Cottage, where you can grill your own sausages and enjoy your meal with an amazing view.



When the snow arrives, you can find downhill skiing for the whole family at the alpine slopes in Grövelsjön. The area offers over 100km of prepared cross-country training and excursion tracks, and there are marked winter trails for longer tours. Expect great children’s activities, combined cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobile tours, or guided and Sami cultural tours.


Särna in Summer

Summer is the best season to enjoy the hiking trails, the terrain is easily accessible and you’ll find plenty of marked trails. You can also go canoeing, fishing, swimming or even pick berries. And in summer the golf course opens. If you want to experience the adrenaline try Idre Fjälls cross country biking, pump track or horseback riding.

Särna By Plane

The biggest airport in Sweden is Stockholm Arlanda. From Stockholm you can use public transport to Idre, visit: sj.se. Another option is to fly to Sveg airport. In 2018 you can finally fly to the Scandinavian Mountains. Visit our FAQ for detailed information.

Särna By Car

The roads to Särna are of a good standard. It takes approximately six hours to drive from Stockholm and seven hours from Gothenburg. It takes around four hours to drive from Oslo and the drive from Östersund is also around four hours.

Public Transport

If you don't have a car in Särna, the easiest and fastest way to get around is by bus. If you want to use public transportation in the province Dalarna you can plan your journey with the website Dalatrafik.se. The bus stop Särna Posten is at the front door next to Coop.

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